Dawn Time

In the time before Time, gods and primordials walked the world, enjoying their creation. When the primordials grew tired of their creation, and would leave it to make something new, the Gads wanted it to stay, and to protect the many creations they had made to dwell within it. Long did they war, and much was lost. Finally, Gaia Herself lay down her life, that the terrible War might be ended.

Major Races: Gods and Primordials

Minor Races: Various Creations, Dinosaurs, Titans, Exarchs, Slaad

Generic Description: Large expanses. Jungles of giant ferns, cloudy greenish sky, pale green Sun. Frequent changes in geography. Parties of gods and primordials. Creation as entertainment.

Major events: Invention of most basic life forms, few surviving specifics. Gods and Primordials meet and play. Disagreement, God War. Gods and Primordials fight, many killed. War ended by Gaia’s Sacrifice, ending the era.

Dawn Time

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